Cabinet: Made of heavy gauge non-magnetic stainless steel from with Lacquered stainless steel sides. Drain pot made of hard plastic, or stainless steel. Base and top over of hard plastic. Back panel removable for servicing.

Refrigeration System: Fitted with world-renowned, high starting torque, high-temperature compressors. The condenser and fan are slightly oversized to ensure efficient working in high ambients. Copper cooling coil metal-bonded to outside of water tank. The whole system is hermetically sealed, with ozone-friendly R134a as a refrigerant.

Water System: All copper/brass/stainless steel systems. Water tank made of non-magnetic stainless steel. Tank safety tested at 10 kg/cm (142 psi), with recommended maximum working pressure of 3 kg/cm (42 psi) Fitted with high-quality chrome-plated brass taps.

Insulation: Moisture-proof and highly effective expanded polystyrene insulation.  

Thermostat: High-quality water temperature control thermostat, adjustable from 10 C to 18 C (50 F to 64 F.)

Pilot Light: Twin pilot lights to indicate power supply and compressor operation 

Voltage Ratings: All models are made to operate on 22o Volts, 50 cycles, single phase A.C supply.

Water Filter: Water Purifying Systems are available as an option.