1. Interpretation

The following definitions & rule of interpretation apply in these terms & conditions:

(a) MECO or We: refers to the same entity

(b) Client or You: The person, firm or company to whom MECO provides its maintenance services

(c) Operative/Specialist: Representative appointed by MECO to undertake the work

(d) Site: Any land or premises occupied by the client.

(e) Contracted Hours:

(f) Extended Working Hours: includes evenings, weekends and public holidays in Pakistan

(g) Initial Maintenance Period:

(h) Maintenance Service: Technical support, fixes & repairs to MECO Electric Water Coolers

(i) Before the maintenance contract is signed, an inspection will be carried out by our

representatives. Any issues with the water cooler will have to be fixed before the contract is finalized.

(j) MECO reserves the right to refuse or decline work at our discretion. Where MECO

agrees to undertake works for a customer those worked shall be performed by the designated operative of MECO at its absolute discretion.

(k) The contract is only valid for MECO water coolers based in Karachi. Any water cooler,

under the contract, transported to other parts of the country during the duration of the contract will not be maintained under the contract and no refund will be given.

      II. Duration

(a) The contract will be valid up to a year until otherwise specified.

(b) The contract shall come into force on the commencement date

(c) The Contract shall continue in force for the Initial Maintenance Period. At the end of the

Initial Maintenance Period the Contract shall automatically be renewed for the Extended


Maintenance Period unless terminated in writing by either party giving to the other not less than sixty days prior written notice. 

III. Price 

(a) Unless otherwise agreed by MECO in writing, the Price for the Maintenance Service shall be the Price set out in the Contract. 

(b) MECO reserves the right to increase the Price in line with inflation or where the Customer changes to a non-approved carrier and any subsidy is lost or where necessary to compensate for exceptional rises in related costs by giving the Customer thirty day’s notice. 

(c) The Price for the Maintenance Service shall be exclusive of any value added tax. 

(d) If need be of transportation of water coolers from the client’s site to MECO’s factory, MECO will charge the exact price for logistics of water coolers to the client. 

IV. Payment 

(a) Payment of the price of the maintenance service should be paid in advance. The contract will only come into effect on the date of the payment received. 

(b) No payment shall be deemed to have been received until MECO has received cleared funds 

(c) All payments payable to MECO under the contract shall become due immediately on its termination 

(d) If the client fails to make any payment on the due date MECO may cancel the contract 

(e) Full advance payment by the client shall be considered as the acceptance & understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract. 

V. Materials 

(a) At the time MECO performs the service, it may not have all the material required to complete the task. In such cases, MECO may need to purchase materials. 

(b) MECO accepts no liability with respect to faulty parts/materials. If the part is found to be faulty during the fitting of that specific part, the operative will exchange, however, if the fault becomes visible afterwards, should the client require a further visit for replacement, additional labour cost will incur. The VI. Assignment 

(a) MECO may assign the contract or any part of it to any person, firm or company. 

(b) The client shall not be entitled to assign any additional duties or any part of the contract without prior written consent by MECO 

(c) After each visit, the client shall sign the slip given by the operative, thus accepting that the job has been done according to standard and affirm receipt of materials purchased. The slip shall not be treated as an invoice. 

VII. Client Obligations 

(a) You will provide, on request, any information that MECO reasonably requires to enable to provide the services. MECO will contact you about this. 

(b) Where access to your property is required, you will allow MECO to gain access to your property at the agreed dates and times when we will perform the services. Due to security reasons, we do not act on anyone’s property without any representative, to get the job done. In case of allowed access without any representation, we won’t take responsibility for any embezzlement that takes place thereon. If the operative is unable to get access to the property on the agreed date and time that you have booked, maintenance for that period will be considered as done. 

(c) You shall provide at your expense, clear access to the work area, all necessary electricity/water supplies that might be required to enable the operative to carry out the work. Additional charges might apply otherwise.