Water Coolers Available to Rent

Introducing easy, hassle free and economical healthy hydration into your home or busibusiness.​ Findess.​Find out more about our great value water cooler rental packages today.​

Short Term Rental

From 6 months - 12 months

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Long Term Rental

For 12 months +

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  • Compressor & Insulation

    Compressor 100% Prime Grade Imported Fresh Compressor According to Capacity

    Insulation Prime Grade , Moisture proof expanded polystyrene insulation material  

  • Water Tank

    Water Tank Food Grade Non Magnate Stainless Steel Water Tank (18 SWG) SS 304  

    Tank safety Tested at 10 kg/sq.cm.

    Tank Coiling Prime Grade Copper Coiling According to Capacity  

  • Water Taps, Tubing & Refrigerant Gas

    Water Taps Chrome plated, Heavy Brass Water Taps with Steel Spring

    Water Tubing 100% Copper/ SS

    Refrigerant Gas (CFC Free) 134a Refrigerant

  • Fan Motor & Thermostat

    Fan Motor 100% Copper Winded Electric Fan Motor 

    Thermostat Water temperature control thermostat   

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