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ME-45 Litres - Gold

ME-45 Litres - Gold

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Introducing our premier electric water cooler, the ME-45L, designed to revolutionize your hydration experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, this model embodies affordability without compromising on quality.

Distinguished by its distinctive round body shape, the ME-45 Litres exudes modernity and elegance. It boasts durability and aesthetic appeal that seamlessly blend into any environment.

Equipped with a single tap for effortless dispensing, convenience is at your fingertips with every pour. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the incorporation of industry-leading components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The ME-45 Litres prioritizes longevity with its top, base, and drain tray crafted from high-quality fiber, offering unparalleled resistance to rust and corrosion. Say goodbye to worries about maintenance and hello to uninterrupted hydration.

Elevate your space with the ME-45 Litres electric water cooler, where innovation meets affordability, and quality meets style. Experience hydration redefined with every sip.


All Stainless Steel Construction:

  • Our electric water coolers feature durable, high-quality stainless steel bodies for long-lasting performance and a sleek aesthetic (with the exception of ME-45L)
  • Stainless steel offers superior resistance to rust, corrosion, and dents, ensuring a reliable and easy-to-clean product.

Customization Options (Optional):

  • For added customization, we offer the option to choose your preferred grade of stainless steel. 
  • Please note that customization may affect pricing and minimum order quantities. 

Benefits of Stainless Steel:

  • Food-grade safe
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long lifespan

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Experience peace of mind knowing you're providing your employees with clean, refreshing water. Our coolers feature durable stainless steel construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and a sleek aesthetic with rust-proof tops and bases, you can be confident your cooler will provide years of trouble-free operation.

We use top-quality components, including FDA-approved water tanks and 100% copper tubing, to deliver the purest hydration possible.

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